Ron Paul and The New Generation

Whether anyone will admit it to you or not; the average American is broke. Broke, in the sense that, we are not living at the level we did 15 years ago and there’s not much signifying improvement. We, as a country, are at a turning point of historical proportions. We have a government with levels of corruption that would rival some of the worst in History. Their tactics are only unethical if the intense loopholes of law don’t exist. Laws and bi-laws and amendments to laws and sections and so on are being manipulated to create fortunes by the ones who helped create the system. In some cases, the dollar amounts are minimal (tax dollars) and discretionary. And in some cases the dollar amounts are enormous.

These dollars have been stolen from the American people. Americans agreed to pay taxes under the guise that the money will return to us or go toward the government’s good will. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the dollar amount got so high that the politicians couldn’t resist their urge to take a few bucks for themselves. Of course they didn’t actually take bills from a pile but they voted for causes and agreements that led to them receiving a check. If they couldn’t vote for more money they became a part of the business that would profit most from the passing of a bill or agreement.

While the above mentioned was happening there was one soft spoken representative from Texas who was paying close attention and voting against many of the changes that were rooted in ill faith. This man was truly doing his job the way Americans expected their politicians to perform. While he was ignored and disregarded due to a fairly minimal amount of power, in comparison to a senator or cabinet member; he did the best he could for the people of his district and patiently waited for his chance to be heard.

That man is Ron Paul and his time is now. The corruption has been going on for too long and has put hundreds of thousands of brave men and women in the line of battle, stolen taxes dollars from it’s people, bailed out and supported big businesses and misled Americans into irreversible debt for personal gain. Ron Paul is pulling back the curtain on the crooks who have orchestrated ‘legal schemes’ to put America’s future at risk. He is a fountain of truth; he could be compared to an informant. He was our inside man that waited for his opportunity to uncover the corruption and save America when we needed it most. He is the President we need.

At this point, putting too much stock into his ability to change anything would be considered a gamble. He has to win an election and then win another election. The first election isn’t even an ‘open vote’ you have to be a registered Republican to cast a vote; consequently, that makes for fewer voters. We can only hope that he’ll somehow manage to shock the world and win the Republican nomination. If he does, we’re going to watch one of the most revealing debates in Modern History. The young charismatic first ever black President of The United States of America Barrack Obama vs The 76 yr old gynecologist who puts America first Ron Paul.

I’m confident to say this election is not about race, it’s about reality. Obama had the majority of the black vote but much more importantly he had the young vote. He had the new generations of Americans who work hard to help keep businesses afloat while making what money we can best find. This new generation, my generation, believed in President Obama but nothing changed like he said it would. Not to undermine him but perhaps the change he wanted to give us and the change we needed were too different ideals. We, the new generation, still want and need the change we were looking for…that change isn’t new policy, it’s new policymakers. Ron Paul is the first step in that direction. He is the the New Generation’s last hope.


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