Media Favoritism

It’s aggravating for a staunch Ron Paul supporter to watch national news coverage that won’t report fairly. One could compare the aggravation to that experienced by a person cheering on their team that blames the referees for their team losing. However, behind everything we see there is an underlying cause. The referees might have had a bad day that causes them to miss calls that ultimately change the outcome of the game. Using the same logic to assess the media brings forward the question: what is happening with the media that causes them to neglect information that could benefit their viewer?

Through my life in media I’ve come to notice that people owe other people favors in business. It’s an unspoken and unwritten law of association. One guy keeps his opinions trimmed to benefit (or keep from harming) another guy’s business and/or integrity. It happens daily and those not in the business realm never see these things happen.

What we’re witnessing with the mainstream media’s coverage of the ongoing elections isn’t necessarily a government conspiracy to keep Ron Paul’s name out of a positive light (even though one could make a case for that scenario) it’s more of a bunch of figureheads calling in favors. I’d assume the phone call goes something like this:

Reporter: Hello?

Publicist: Hey it’s John.

Reporter: Hey John what’s going on?

Publicist: My buddy Will is the campaign manager for Bill. They’re really making waves.

Reporter: Really? Give me his number.

In this fictional scenario, the reporter has no real political care but has a business relationship with the publicist. The publicist has the relationship with the manager; who in turn, has the relationship with the candidate. Unfortunately, the favors are against Ron Paul and that is directly related to the fact that Ron Paul stands for the exact opposite of the people like Bill and Bill’s candidate. Bill and Bill’s candidate have been adding to the corrupt management system we call our American Government.

Essentially, it’s an uphill battle. Fortunately, Ron Paul has a ground movement filled with passion and intelligence. Smart, reasonable, realistic voters can see Paul’s importance. Even through the muck of national news coverage the spirit is still alive. Washington saw the power of the people with Barack Obama’s election. They’re about to see the power of truth with Ron Paul’s campaign. The current media coverage isn’t about fairness, equality or’s about favors.


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