Ron Paul’s Victory

Ron Paul is in a unique situation, especially, when compared to his competitors. The politicians in  Washington D.C. have always viewed Ron Paul as ignorable. A small voice as a representative from Texas who’s words feel on deaf ears. His constituents consider him crazy or out of touch and belittle his character according to their assumptions.  Ron Paul was deemed crazy by his fellow politicians in Washington because he went against their schemes to make more money. Our government has become a business and the employees are the politicians. Ron Paul may very well have been the only person truly representing the people in Washington.

Thus far, he has persevered through the ridicule and the financial challenges of running for President. The media completely rules out Ron Paul of any opportunity and are quick to ignore his success to praise someone they favor with less success. The situation has become comical because as much of a power as the media holds…the people who are voting don’t believe the media anymore. The media has been shifted, twisted, bought, and paid for by big business and Americans who are paying attention have noticed. Washington hasn’t been bought through the exchange of money, perse. It has been bought via attorneys, who work to protect a business, who are friends with judges and/or politicians. Feel free to re read the previous sentence while substituting attorney with: doctor, accountant, insurance broker or stock broker. Through these people come favors and through favors we see biased reporting. The news comes from reporters who gather information from sources. It just so happens that the sources are biased, as well.

At this point Ron Pauls’ biggest victory has been the awakening of a huge audience that had remained passive because they trusted in the good will of it’s government and are now realizing they have been fooled. Our good will has been manipulated. We are being misused and misinformed for the sake of money and greed. Ron Paul still has a huge climb but he has a strong foothold. With stamina and funding he could very well win the Republican nomination. I see Ron Paul’s emergence as fate for the American People. The majority has stayed true to the mindset put forth by our ancestors. The average American is proud and willing to work hard, be smart, be responsible, treat people right and be themself. We were taught songs and taught that freedom was the key to our country. It’s a free country. We can do what we want, when we want and how we want. If Ron Paul doesn’t win we’ll be closer to changing the words of the Pledge of Allegiance to “…with some liberty and justice for the rich.”


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