Cheating Now and Cheating Then

Thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of mass communication we have been confronted with an epidemic of epic proportions. This is no longer a society where cheating in your relationship is shunned. It’s not acceptable by any means yet it’s consequence shrinks in comparison to that of 30 years ago. Along with the shrinking consequence comes the fast lane to cheating; the Internet. 30 years ago a person had to live a secret life to carry on am affair. They had to schedule, plot, sneak and plan around their daily life and I imagine the mental strain of so much planning was enough to deter most cheaters.

Now, dash forward to the new age of technology we are living with and you’ll find new avenues that have never existed until recently that allow for a speedy trip in and out of the land of infidelity. Mental and physical cheating happens on the regular and the Internet is the gateway. You an create an online encounter that creates satisfaction or you can make plans, invisible to your companion, to squeeze in some romance on the way home. Men have never had access to so many women and women have never had so many advances by men. Both are like kids in candy stores and true fidelity and monogamy is challenged whether you welcome it or not. You have to make the conscious decision to believe that cheating is wrong and prohibit yourself. The surrounding factors no longer help you make the right decision; in fact, they work against you.

I think people want to be faithful but because of the relaxed standards set by parents, celebrities and peers, more people are inclined to find infidelity as a minuscule problem. Perhaps the severity is relative to your environment but everyone has access to the tools of infidelity.