Cher Loyd with Nick Russo


Cher Loyd is a British Pop sensation. She stopped by the KTFM studios for a chat about life, love, tattoos, music, bullying and a bunch of other random things. Check it out!


Feed The Machine or Feed The People?

Last night was the first time we saw 4 candidates on stage and you’d think that since an hour is divisible by 4…they all would have had equal time to speak. On the contrary, most of the time was spent focused on back and forth banter between Santorum, Romney and Gingrich. On the subject of Healthcare reform and Abortion, after the banter had calmed, the host would try to change the subject and begin with Paul on the next question but Paul demanded to be a part of the previous conversation. Paul touted his time as a OBGYN for 30 years and his expertise in medical matters shined through. Whereas, Romney, Santorum and Gingrich had purely political ideas without any real solutions.

The Republican nomination is a race between 3 men who have bought into a concept of Washington D.C. that requires an individual to ‘pick a team’ and support that team at any cost. Essentially, we’re watching three of the highest paid teams versus the lowest paid team and in this instance, the lowest paid team is taking the other three to school. It’s clear when you watch the debates that the three die hard Republicans are pandering to their comrades with whom they adjust policy to create wealth for one another. The only candidate who can say he’s never been a lobbyist or been paid by a lobbyist is Ron Paul.

One wishes they could explain some of Gingrich, Romney and Santorum’s plans by listening to them answer questions but due to their extremely political answers and unbelievable promises, one can easily get lost. When the four were asked if it was really possible to overturn, what they referred to as Obamacare, 3 of the 4 promised immediate action and one of them told the truth. There is no magic wand that lets the President walk-in to office and overturn a major policy, however, listening to Romney, Santorum and Gingrich speak you would think there was a magic wand. Ron Paul said that technically it is possible but steps have to be taken to get to that point. He gave a list of sensible solutions, as a Representative from Texas and a doctor of 30 years, he knows what has changed the climate of Healthcare for better and for worse.

The “pick a team” method in Washington has allowed for behaviors that are loyal to the team and players rather than being loyal to the people Washington is meant to represent. Somewhere over the last 25 years our country has been hijacked by politicians who manipulate high power for financial gain. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are prime examples of the product that 25 years of “pick a team” mentalities have created. Ron Paul represents the person who hasn’t ever picked a team because he/she didn’t really “get” politics. The reason my generation has never “gotten it” is because that’s precisely what Washington wanted to happen. They knew by limiting who knew about the inner circle the more fortified the inner circle became. The more complicated they made the inner circle’s workings the more difficult it would be for an outsider to gain access to overall ideals and ultimately, financial support.

The “pick a team” method is similar to the way kids in Texas were raised to pick either UT or A&M…now you hear chatter about Texas Tech…15 years ago that was unheard of…’s my assumption that perhaps the 3rd team has finally gained enough support and “political know-how” to get the job done and show Washington that the team they’ve underestimated the whole time was…the people.

Power to the people has never been so necessary. As our economy wallows and our policymakers have become corrupt, the only people who can save the project our founding fathers started so long ago…are the American People. If we don’t do it through voting, one day, we’ll be doing it through war.



My Dad

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. According to genetics he’s my step dad but since he’s been the father figure in my life since I was 3 he has fulfilled the father role beyond expectations. I can only hope that I’ll be as good of a Dad as he is to me. Because of him I understand the power of an education, respect, honesty and the importance of a strong work ethic.

I think the challenge of being a step dad is one of the greatest ever. The reward has to be within yourself; the child will never have the genetic composition as the step dad and that creates a temperamental scenario. The step dad has to rule over the child version of another man. My step dad had the courage to take on this challenge and without him and his influence I can’t guarantee I’d be where I am today. Without his guidance and support my life would have been dramatically different.

Thank you Dolph for everything you’ve ever done for me. You always said, “I want you to have what i never had.” just by being my dad you’ve done that. You’ve exceeded your expectations ten fold and I won’t let you down. Happy birthday.

Ron Paul’s Victory

Ron Paul is in a unique situation, especially, when compared to his competitors. The politicians in  Washington D.C. have always viewed Ron Paul as ignorable. A small voice as a representative from Texas who’s words feel on deaf ears. His constituents consider him crazy or out of touch and belittle his character according to their assumptions.  Ron Paul was deemed crazy by his fellow politicians in Washington because he went against their schemes to make more money. Our government has become a business and the employees are the politicians. Ron Paul may very well have been the only person truly representing the people in Washington.

Thus far, he has persevered through the ridicule and the financial challenges of running for President. The media completely rules out Ron Paul of any opportunity and are quick to ignore his success to praise someone they favor with less success. The situation has become comical because as much of a power as the media holds…the people who are voting don’t believe the media anymore. The media has been shifted, twisted, bought, and paid for by big business and Americans who are paying attention have noticed. Washington hasn’t been bought through the exchange of money, perse. It has been bought via attorneys, who work to protect a business, who are friends with judges and/or politicians. Feel free to re read the previous sentence while substituting attorney with: doctor, accountant, insurance broker or stock broker. Through these people come favors and through favors we see biased reporting. The news comes from reporters who gather information from sources. It just so happens that the sources are biased, as well.

At this point Ron Pauls’ biggest victory has been the awakening of a huge audience that had remained passive because they trusted in the good will of it’s government and are now realizing they have been fooled. Our good will has been manipulated. We are being misused and misinformed for the sake of money and greed. Ron Paul still has a huge climb but he has a strong foothold. With stamina and funding he could very well win the Republican nomination. I see Ron Paul’s emergence as fate for the American People. The majority has stayed true to the mindset put forth by our ancestors. The average American is proud and willing to work hard, be smart, be responsible, treat people right and be themself. We were taught songs and taught that freedom was the key to our country. It’s a free country. We can do what we want, when we want and how we want. If Ron Paul doesn’t win we’ll be closer to changing the words of the Pledge of Allegiance to “…with some liberty and justice for the rich.”

Vegas Part 1

Landed in Vegas about 2 hours ago. My best friend Tarik and his dad just landed. Totally enjoyed the view of The mountains on the way in….I think our plan is to find a buffet and check into our hotel.

We’re staying at Aria and I can’t help but notice how many women there are…it’s 40 degrees here so most are westing black stretch pants (my favorite) and high boots. This is hour 2 of an estimated 48. May good luck find me and let luck be a lady tonight.

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