Vegas Part 1

Landed in Vegas about 2 hours ago. My best friend Tarik and his dad just landed. Totally enjoyed the view of The mountains on the way in….I think our plan is to find a buffet and check into our hotel.

We’re staying at Aria and I can’t help but notice how many women there are…it’s 40 degrees here so most are westing black stretch pants (my favorite) and high boots. This is hour 2 of an estimated 48. May good luck find me and let luck be a lady tonight.


Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich was a paid advisor to Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac is a chartered corporation created by Congress in the 70’s. In 1989, it went public and created stock. Freddie Mac gave banks money to give people for their mortgages. They gambled with the expected profit and this created the bubble that burst and caused our recession. Newt Gingrich gave advice that encouraged Freddie Mac’s business tactics. He encouraged them and ignored the potential catastrophic dangers to the American economy that Freddie Mac’s behavior would inevitably cause. He received money from them for his opinion.

By winning he would make a mockery of the hardworking American. Rather than living a life of dignity and integrity to earn America’s highest office he will have manipulated the system to be able to afford the opportunity. It’s a shame that he would have the audacity to step forward and attempt to run for president without apologizing for his treacherous mistakes. His non apology tells me he’s guilty.

Newt Gingrich exemplifies the problem with our government. Too many people with millions of dollars (used to campaign and retain authority) making policies and cooperating with big businesses to take advantage of the average American’s ignorance. Not ignorance; as in intelligence, rather not knowing what’s happening. It’s never been so obvious but Americans have also never been so connected.

Our government has been bought. If it’s over 80% corrupt the battle to recover control will be the worst battle we’ve ever imagined. If you don’t think the government would use force to maintain control over their millions of dollars then you’re probably well off and set for life. They are capable of making the police vs occupy protestors look like child’s play.

Our government is on a power trip.

Newt Gingrich could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

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